Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fitness Cult Kicks It

It was just another Saturday night at Alison's house. She had her lovely home full of flowers and delicious healthful food and really cool people. There was some crazy rumor about a big bottle of vodka..... Not to worry, what happeness at BTWG, stays at BTWG.


Cole said...

Yo Woman,

It sounds to me like you are making progress in the areas that are most important to you. Since you don't need to lose lots of weight, what if you were just record WHAT you ate and, if you know, the amount. Skip the calorie counting. Just having Chris look over your food choices might be helpful. I suspect you would a thumbs up from him on most of your choices and that would feel great. The principles of this program are the most important and it sounds like you are embracing most of them. If you read a couple of the other blogs, some folks are not getting their work outs in. It is just really hard for them. So, this week, the most important thing to work on is not beating yourself up. OK?

Alison, your mentor

Sherri said...

Vodka??!! Vodka?? Where was I ??? Oh yeh, that's right...I was grazing at the buffet table for an hour.