Monday, January 19, 2009

Today is the 1st Day.....

Namaste BTWGers;

I love blogs! I spend way too much time reading them. I love jazzy blogs with mucho content & stuff. I love rambling on in stream of consciousness. I love opining. It's no surprise that I love the Huffington Post. I'm excited and anxious to be starting this fitness cult®. I'm doing so much stuff with BTWG (or trying to) that I might as well try this blogging thing too. I can't wait to actually learn how to do it! Maybe by April?

I don't have too many talents, but one of them is the ability to regurgitate platitudes when the situation warrants. I have friends who text me for platitudes the way some people ask for Tarot readings. Generally, my platitudes are generic, banal mots. Occasionally, they are poignant and spot on. Hopefully, I will have the perfect platitudes for this project.

I’m so excited and anxious to be part of the Gap. I’m not so organized. I’m still trying to figure out how things should be. I’ve never used Excel in my life. (Props to Alison for teaching me. She’s the best mentor ever!) I’ve made some cabbage soup and bought some fruit and healthy-ish snacky things (I love Luna bars & all things Kashi.) I’ve made lists of things I need to do or find or locate or keep track of. I just did all of this today because that’s how I roll.

I’m excited but with trepidation because I’m not good with paper work or with rules. I need discipline and structure and, especially, deadlines, to accomplish things, but I also bristle at structure and expectations. It’s my Catholic school upbringing, I ‘m decades away from wearing the plaid skirt, but these issues still linger....

I love the idea of eating well. I actually know how to do this, but I don’t. I subsist on sugar and caffeine for screwed up psychological reasons. The idea of counting calories makes me crazy. I can write down what I eat but what number it is...not feeling it. It will be a struggle. I’m not good with numbers especially dollar numbers.

I love yoga & weights. I need cardio/aerobics but not as good with that. I can walk for days but I REALLY HATE RUNNING. I’m already anxious about handling fitness on Monday; fitness on Tuesday, not so much.

Somehow, I have always been incredibly healthy. Good genes. I’m rarely sick or injured. However, I’m not very strong physically, and I could use more endurance. My flexibility seems limited when compared to yogis, but not so bad in the real world. I’m hoping to do better.


® Sam Allen.


Island girl trying to catch the healthy wave said...

What a great blog. It is different writing them than reading them. I know you will do some great things with this program. I love the fact it makes you examine what you put in your mouth. I am confident that you will tame your dragon!

I am going to enjoy your blog, and I am here to support you in your goals.

PS. I hate running too, but it does make a difference. Do it to your speed.

Namaste Ellen said...

Thanks so much for the kind words & inspiration. Namaste!