Monday, January 19, 2009


Namaste BTWGers;

I recently had one of those milestone, significant, life altering birthdays. I had a million goals I had to accomplish before my birthday. I awakened the day after the day that changed everything and I still had a half a million goals to accomplish. Naturally, joining the cult was one of those goals. Mission Accomplished! Oh wait, I have to successfully complete the program as well. No excuses.

Obviously, health, fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance, weight loss, low cholesterol, health,
muscle tone, stress relief, balance, centering, feng shui, world peace, etc. are all Gap goals, but I have others as well, and they are all related at some level. I just know if I can do 50 push ups and weigh 5 pounds less, I'll be able to resist buying yet another pair of black boots and if I can focus, I'll be able to get my work done while I'm at work.
Everything is Related.*

Finding my 2nd Act
Not Procrastinating
Living off the Land (aka not shopping)
Overcoming Sugar Addiction
Overcoming Caffeine Addiction (somewhat ambivalent here)
Energery/Intutitive Healing
Dhanurasana (Wheel pose)
Yoga butt (why not?)


*My signature platitude.

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